I would just like to thank you everyone who has made the effort to check out my blog, it is an honor that you all find interest in my cakes! please feel free to leave any comments! 

recent affairs...

Here are some of my most recent cakes...

I have also been working on my sons 8th birthday cake- he is a bit of a minecraft fanatic! Here are some characters from the game; Steve, a creeper, a dog, a sheep, 2 pigs and some trees for added scenery. Again, made to order! 

fruity cakes!

Delicious spring time cupcakes, ready to order! 


Hello all! 
Recently i have been paying great attention to the recipes that i make my cakes out of- i make a killer chocolate cake that will no doubt be at the heart of any chocolate lover! My daughter would most definitely agree! 
I have a 10 year old Madeira cake recipe that i have perfected over the years, and i can also make flavoured cakes such as raspberry and lemon. 
I am still exploring all the possibilities of combining flavors, my son and daughter are most pleased to be named the official quality testers of my cake business! Such an honorable position... 

I much look forward to updating you all with my newest recipes and designs, and please do comment on my pictures, follow me and feel free to contact me with any ideas you have in mind or any queries/requests- i would love to chat with my fellow cake lovers! 

Enjoy browsing- 

Traditional and contemporary tiered wedding cakes

Traditional tiered wedding cakes- i am currently working on some new designs, both contemporary and traditional wedding cakes of various numbers of tier's. I can decorate wedding cakes with falls of flowers, in matching or 'unique' colors, and i can also decorate the actual cake icing with gems, piping, patterns, edible paint and glitter, and i can airbrush faded block colors onto the whole cakes. Price ranges for wedding cakes depend on the size/amount of tier's, but usually start at around £150 for two tiered cakes with falls of flowers, as an example. Deposits are required for the cake upon or around ordering, for the ingredients. Please contact me if you you wish to place an order, on:
Mob: 07401 418718
Tel: 01508 578478

Ocassional cakes



Occasional national holiday

Sugar flowers!

Sugar flowers and traditional wedding cakes

Hand crafted sugar flowers, my specialty